Elephant walk F16, Volkel Airbase

Elephant walk F16, Volkel Airbase

on December 8th, 2023 SG Volkel organized a so called “Elephant Walk”

An elephant walk is a USAF term for the taxiing of military aircraft right before takeoff, when they are in close formation. Often, it takes place right before a minimum interval takeoff.

We got to witness the start-up and taxi-out of the aircraft up close. It was a nice event as part of the farewell to the F16 of the Royal Dutch Ariforce.

My photos: https://frankwin.com/galleries/military-aviation/2023-2/20231208-elephant-walk-volkel/

Foto’s: sergeant-majoor Jan Dijkstra | Bron https://magazines.defensie.nl/defensiekrant/2023/47/02_elephant-walk_47